Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Do you need the bathroom?"

Yes, you guessed it....Part II of great Kazakh host mom stories.

There is this great scene from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" when the Greek Mother of the Bride asks Ian, the American groom, if he is hungry. He declines, "no thanks, I already ate." The mother responds automatically, "okay, I'll make you something." This story exemplifies my host mother. 

Yesterday,  I came home from school around 3:30. I wasn't very hungry as I had a snack earlier. I went into the kitchen to get a cup of chai (tea), and of course, my mother follows me to the kitchen.

She says, "did you eat yet?"

"Yes, I already ate. I just want a cup of chai."

"Ok, I'll sit down, I'll make you something." So she makes me potatoes and meat in five minutes (super impressive). As I pick at it, she insists "eat, eat." Kazakhs in general are obsessed with feeding people. I've learned to never go anywhere with a full stomach as they will always offer you food and you MUST eat it. When I tell my mom I won't be home for dinner, she gets this look on her face, almost like I'm insulting her. She always asks where I eat lunch, like she doesn't believe me. 

Similarly, Roberto's host mother told him the reason he is not married at age 28 is because he doesn't eat enough. Oh Kazakh host moms...

I met up with a friend yesterday evening. When I came home my mom asked, "do you need the bathroom?"

"No, not now," I responded skeptically…why would she ask me that?!

"Ok, I'm going to read the paper." So she goes into the bathroom with the newspaper for a good 10 minutes. Talk about multitasking…

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