Friday, June 10, 2011

The Long, Long Journey to...Abu Dhabi?!

Greetings from the Abu Dhabi International Airport! Long story short: my plane from DC left three hours behind schedule, causing me to miss my transfer in Frankfurt to Almaty. United/Lufthansa redirected me and Roberto (who is a fabulous travel companion) on another overnight flight to Abu Dhabi....turning the infamous double red-eye journey into a triple red-eye marathon. It is around 7 AM in Abu Dhabi and my flight to Almaty leaves at 9:55, so I have some time to kill. My internal time clock is totally off, however, after two overnight flights and living in airports for the past 48 hours. I practically fell asleep on the gentleman sitting next to me on the Frankfurt-Abu Dhabi flight. I then explained to him in French my travel adventures.

This is too short of an entry for the adventures Roberto and I have experienced traveling to Kazakhstan. For now, this will do...just a reminder to always be prepared for the unexpected. I knew the flight was long....but this has been quite a whirlwind. I think its a test of my dedication, stamina and passion for Central Asia. Well, bring it on international airlines!!!

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