Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Camels in Kazakhstan

Greetings from the Garden State! While I am no longer in Kazakhstan, I will continue to maintain The Sholk Road Adventures and write about current political, cultural and economic issues in Central Asia.

As I am overcoming jet-lag, I will be sharing some photos of Kazakhstan! This post is dedicated to the bactrian camel. The bactrian (two-hump) camel promoted Silk Road trade and is viewed as integral to Inner Eurasian history. Here are some images of bactrian camels throughout Kazakhstan - enjoy!

ALMATY - Bactrian camels at the zoopark.

ASTANA - This colorful camel is in the park between the Khan Shatyr and the KazMunaiGaz headquarters, which is the building painted on the body. Combining the Silk Road of Antiquity with the economic wealth propelling Kazakhstan into the 21st century -- what a fantastic symbol of Kazakhstan!

ASTANA - A painting in the Palace of Independence.

ALMATY - One of the panels in the monument to Altan Adam, also known as "Golden Man." The left portion of this panel contains a man holding a dombra, a traditional Kazakh instrument, an image of Yasawi's Mausoleum and camels, all of which refer to the country's history as the crossroads of East-West cultural and commercial exchanges.

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