Wednesday, February 20, 2013

John Stewart and Kazakhstan


I absolutely love John Stewart's "The Daily Show." While I read the major print news outlets, I rely on Stewart's reporting of domestic politics, as I have no patience for many of the talking heads on the major cable networks.

On last night's show, Stewart featured a segment titled "We may be f#@ked, but at least God isn't hurling rocks and loose horsemeat at us," in which the comedian makes fun of the recent scandal in Europea in which significant amounts of horse meat appeared in beef patties and the meteorite that landed in Russia.

Stewart features a clip of a journalist reporting that horse is consumed in "France, Italy and Kazakhstan." Stewart then goes on to mock a KFC-like assortment of horse meat, featuring the head of the horse. Here is the clip, "Horse d'Oeuvre":

I would like to correct Stewart. Kazakhstanis do, in fact, eat horse meat. It is quite tasty. They do not, however, eat the heads of horses. Kazakhstanis eat the heads of lambs. In fact, at traditional Kazakh feasts, lambs head is served and the honored guest eats the eye of the lamb. Here are some pictures of some lambs heads in Kazakhstan.

Now, Stewart's analysis of Russians is hilarious. My biggest criticism is that when he talks about the woman eating a bumper of a car, they would put mayonnaise, not cheese as he suggests, on the bumper. Copious amounts of mayonnaise. Here is the clip, "How I Meteored Your Motherland":

So the moral of the story is that while John Stewart is a brilliant comedian, don't believe everything he says. Kazakhstanis do not eat horse heads -- they eat lambs heads.

That is all.

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