Friday, August 2, 2013

Trip to Lenin Museum


Well, week 6 is done, and now I have two weeks left in Ufa! How time flies! And I have a MONTH until Kazakhstan. CRAZY.

Anyways, this week has been fun. We celebrated Renat's birthday so I gave him a card that says "You're always 17" and a bottle of Martini -- one of the only liquors Liobov will consume (she generally does not drink, however I have found that sharing a few shots of liquor with Renat is a great way to bond).

This week, I went to the Dom-Musee (house museum) of Vladimir Lenin. Lenin lived in Ufa for several months in 1900 with his wife and mother in law. Lenin actually came to the house illegally, without permission from the Tsarist government (at the time you needed permission to move) in 1900. He stayed for around 6 months, left and returned for a bit, but ultimately lived in the house for less than a year.

Interior of the Lenin House Museum.

Lenin's Report Card  from when he was a student at University in Kazan. A studious individual fluent in French and German, Lenin majored in Law. As you see from his report card, he received all "5" (the equivalent of an A) with one exception: he received a 4 in "Logic." Does anyone else find this funny? 
Outside of the house. A prime piece of real estate in the city center.
I also went to the Vietnam rynok (finally!!!!!!!) last weekend. I unfortunately don't have time to write about it, as I am off to Aigir, a small village in the Ural Mountains for the weekend. But I will!

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