Friday, September 13, 2013

Fire in Baraholka


Due to visa delays, I am not yet in Kazakhstan on my Fulbright. I am eager to get over there soon!

I am updating the blog with some tragic news -- today, Friday, September 13th -- a fire broke out in Baraholka, the international hub bazaar. You all know I love bazaars and my Fulbright project focused on studying entrepreneurship in the informal and formal economies, and my methodology includes participant observation in Baraholka. So this is sad to watch. But the traders will regroup, I am sure.

News on the cause of the fire, casualties, affected areas are still forthcoming. The fire has been raging for three hours and as of this post (around noon EST), it has not been tamed.

The photos and videos I found online speak for themselves -- it is quite tragic.

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