Monday, March 21, 2016

Election Day Photos!


Election analysis coming tomorrow. For now, here are some photos!

Happy Nauruz!

Voter registration.

A sample ballot for the Maslikhat (local city council). This ballot was different at each polling station based on the candidates up for election in that district, as self-nominated individuals are permitted to run for office in the Maslikhats (whereas only individuals on a party list can run for the Mazhilis).
Voters filled out two forms -- a pink ballot for the Mazhilis that featured the names of six parties, plus the white Maslikhat ballot. 

A polling station at the Sports Palace in Astana.

President Nazarbayev entering the voting station!!

The Communist Party of Kazakhstan party headquarters.

Election day signage. This reads "20 March 2016 Elections for the deputies of the Mazhilis Parliament and Maslikhats of the Republic of Kazakhstan." Then in yellow text, "Make your choice."

Election-day signage. 

The Central Election Commission announcing the results.

Representatives from the Commission for the Control of Elections. The Commission itself contains over 40 members. Second from the left is its head, Nurlan Yerimbetov. I asked several questions, which led him to invite me to tea for further discussion. That sadly did not materialize (yet), as he had to rush to another meeting. It was a good laugh nonetheless.

OSCE PA/OSCE ODIHR Post-election press briefing. A very professional and sharp group of people doing some rigorous work. Cheers!

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