Friday, March 25, 2016

Understanding Kazakhstan's Politics, Again


Please check out my article in The Diplomat, Understanding Kazakhstan's Politics, Again.

Rakhmet! ('thank you' in Kazakh)

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  1. Hi
    I see that you are a good scholar and you have many colorful and useful details in your materials from Kazakhstan. But your last piece is something that is really unacceptable. Yo suggest that

    This is not to suggest that the people of Kazakhstani are anti-freedom or pro-authoritarianism; rather, to most Kazakhstanis, at this point in the country’s historical development, realizing a liberal democratic political culture that would satisfy the country’s OSCE commitment is of secondary importance to the values of national unity, security, sovereignty and stability.

    You reiterate this is a rational choice of people themselves, that they say they are Asiatic, post-soviet, etc and thus somehow totally different in their aspirations.

    You can't and should not make conclusions like that unless you have clear polls or some much less superficial examination of what is behind what these people are saying.

    I am pretty sure as in Russia (where they say 86% supposedly support Putin and see him as the best possible choice), it is not people's choice. They are forced into such environment of inevitability of such choice by force, intimidation, propaganda. May be you imply that, I do not not know, but the way your wording is slanted now it gives credence to what RT and the like channels are saying about sovereign democracies and how unlike westerners we have some qualitatively different aspirations and values.

    At the end of the day all that is hypocrisy established that is very useful to dictatorships for self promotion and preservation. The same thing was being said under Yanukovych.
    As a western analyst it is bad that you help that propaganda as they will then reference you.


    Ilya Zaslavskiy
    Academy Associate, Chatham House