About the Blog

I love Eurasia. "The Sholk Road Adventures" is an on-again-off-again blog devoted to understanding current developments in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and even Russia.

I launched the blog in summer 2011 while on an exchange program in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I continued to update the blog when I studied abroad in Russia, in both Vladimir (2012) and Ufa (2013).

I earned a B.S.F.S. in International Politics/Security (2013) and a M.A. Eurasian, Russian and Eastern European Studies (2015) from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

In 2013-2014, I spent ten months in Almaty, Kazakhstan as a Fulbright Scholar working as a shoe trader in "Baraholka" bazaar, researching entrepreneurship, the informal economy and trade. In 2015-2016, I lived in Moscow as an Alfa fellow, working in the energy sector.

My day job keeps me pretty busy, but I try to update the blog with analysis on current events and overseas experiences. I try to avoid filling cyberspace with more content, and only write when I have something to say. Hence the sporadic nature of posts.

My work has been published in The DiplomatCentral Asia Newswire  and KazakhWorld and have been published in The Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. I have also presented my academic work at conferences hosted by the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) and the Association for Slavic, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES).

I maintain this blog for one reason -- to provide a greater understanding of contemporary Eurasia. I hope to educate readers and provide a sense of history, context and insights on current developments in the region. It is a region with a rich history, an intriguing social, economic and political composition. Perhaps it is the confluence of cultures, histories, ideologies, economic winds and political forces in Eurasia that draws me to it. I hope this blog brings some clarity to on an often misunderstood part of the world.

All opinions expressed on this blog are my own. I welcome your comments, criticism and questions.

Thank you for reading "The Sholk Road Adventures!"